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Website speed plays an important part in SEO and by build faster website you can improve it. Time is money and if your website takes a long time then users will leave your website. Your website speed can harm your website traffic as well as google search engine rankings. Build faster websites leads to high ad revenue. This article is about some basic tips that can build faster websites. Using these tips suggest by some top ui ux design company, you can increase your website speed as well as build faster websites.

According to Google research, the user experience of faster websites achieves increased productivity and more time spending on their websites. Around 40% of users leave websites if it takes more than three seconds to load.
Overall, website speed has a huge impact on user experience and satisfaction. Website design doesn’t matter if your website is slow. The bounce rate will eventually increase. Faster websites is an important part of SEO.

Bing and Google consider page speed as a factor for website rankings in search engines. If your website is slow then your search engine ranking will suffer. Users are not able to see all information if your website is slow.

Check your website speed

There are some tools or websites you can use to check your website speed and most of them are free to use.
1. PageSpeed Insights: Google tool used to measure website speed and give suggestions. Easy to use and well organized.
2. Pingdom: You can review and track website performance.
3. YSlow: Give a summary of website performance and suggests improvements that can increase your website speed.

Here is a list of some tips which you can use to improve your website:-

1. Update your website hosting plan. As your site content grows, your site becomes slow. So it is necessary to change your current website hosting plan and select according to your needs. You can choose between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.
2. One of the main reasons for the slow website is too many HTTP requests. You can use Pingdom to check the number of HTTP requests on your website. You can sort them according to their file size and try to eliminate them.
3. Larger your picture size, the slower the website. You can compress or shrink your image size and then upload them. You can change the resolution of the image or can crop unnecessary parts of the image.
4. Try to avoid unnecessary plugins. For some plugins, you can use tracking code and add them to your website manually.
5. Enable page caching, which allows visitors to quickly access that page.
6. Eliminate unnecessary codes, databases, backups, plugins, themes, etc.
7. Remove unnecessary external scripts.

There are many websites or platforms which offer free services for blogging without charging any hosting fees. If you want to create a simple, beautiful, and user-friendly website quickly you can create by using these websites. You don’t have to put much effort while creating these blogs.

In this article, I’ll tell you about some of the best websites or platforms on which you can easily create blogs for yourself without paying money. They have features that are easy to use and with the help of tools offered by these websites you can create a beautiful blog.

Here is a list of free blogging platforms which help you to create free websites:-

1. Site123: - If you want to create a simple personal blog then Site123 is for you. Their slogan is "By far the easiest free website builder", they allow you to create a website easily with some of the basic readymade elements and layouts. Apart from providing easy website building, they offer a 24/7 live chat feature for customer support.

Site123 displays ads on your website and provides limited free storage, so you have to limit your content while maintaining your blog. You can add limited elements to your website due to limited storage.

2. - allows website hosting as well as website building for free. This free blogging website is particularly for beginners who want to learn website building as well as want to create free blogs. They provide some limited options and features for a free plan.

For a free plan, you get limited storage, free hosting, and a domain name ending with They will show third-party ads on your free website and you can’t remove them. You cannot run your ads also. But it is one of the best free build faster websites platforms if you are a beginner.

3. Hubpages: - Hubpages allows bloggers to share their blogs with a very large and open community. Hubpages provides Arts and Design section separately for creative bloggers and by connecting with a large audience you can earn revenue from ads and affiliates.

You cannot customize the look because Hubpages control everything. But it is easy to create and publish your blogs in Hubpages.

4. Blogger: - Blogger is Google free blogging platform. You need to sign in through your Gmail id and your blogger is ready to use. They provide some free templates or themes for blogging website or you can create your design by choosing a blank template and customize according to your needs. Blogger is easily indexed by Google.

5. Medium: - Medium is created by Twitter’s founders, aims to create long articles and blogs. No set-up is required for creating blogs and anyone can create and publish their articles very easily. Medium is respected by many professionals, CEOs, etc. but you don’t get your site. You cannot customize the look of your blog posts. Very clean layout, it feels like a high professional magazine website.

If you don’t want to hire designers or ui ux design company then these free blogging platforms are best for any bloggers who want to create a blogging site or blogs. They offer easy-to-use features for blog creation and very user-friendly. Some offer fewer things and readymade templates and on some platforms, you need to start building your blog from scratch and build faster websites.


Since page speed plays an important role in SEO so we need to improve website speed regularly. Check your website speed regularly and if it needs some improvement do it as soon as possible. Just by using some simple and basic tips in build faster websites, you can easily increase your website speed. It will help to increase productivity, website traffic, ad revenue and improve search engine page ranking as well. Small changes and proper optimization in your website can help you to increase website speed.

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