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 Have you ever heard about Bari? No! This port city is situated in Southern Italy and is a hidden gem that you must explore at least once in your lifetime. Being the capital of the Puglia region, it is surrounded by two harbors. If you are planning your trip to Italy, then don’t forget to include Bari on your bucket list. Moreover, if you are a shopping lover, then it is a must for you to explore this place.Connect with JetBlue en Espanol desk, and fly to your dream destination like an elite. Now, let’s explore major shopping spots in Bari.

Embellished with maze-like towns, the shopping spree here will be a dream come true for you. There are plenty of narrow streets where you can find different products for your home. If shopping is your thing, then there are a wide array of options for you. From high-end brands to street shopping, there is something for every kind of shopper. In addition to shopping, you can even explore many other major tourist attractions in the city. Let’s move further to check out the list of the best shopping spots in Bari. JetBlue Airlines Can Assist you in your Journey.

Go on a shopping spree in Bari | Connect with JetBlue en Espanol

Whether you are a traditional street shopping lover or high-end brands, you can purchase accessories, shoes, apparel, clothes, handicraft, textiles, etc. If Bari is your preference, then plan your trip to Bari now with JetBlue Airlines. The airline is a great choice for a pleasurable journey. Connect with JetBlue en Espanol desk, and fly to your dream destination like an elite. Now, let’s explore major shopping spots in Bari.

Being one of the famous shopping districts in Bari, it is loaded with a lot of narrow streets and lanes. All these streets are adorned with outlets and streets where you can buy anything you want. Corso Cavour is a beautiful street that will take you to the water. Go via Manzoni and find various options to shop your heart out. You will locate many fashion outlets and stores. In addition, there will be restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops where you can satisfy your taste buds. Grab a bite or sip a coffee after enjoying the retail therapy to the fullest. 

  • Via Sparano Connect with JetBlue en Espanol

While talking about some of the best places to shop in Bari, you can’t forget to mention Via Sparano. It is one of the well-renowned shopping streets that are accessible on foot. You will definitely find something here within your budget. There are several boutiques, shops, and stores on both sides of the street. If you are a budgeted explorer, you can shop at much lower prices. Moreover, you will find many brands as well on the street like Zara, etc. During the seasonal sale, many stores offer huge discounts on their products. Vacationers can shop for perfumes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, apparel, and regional souvenirs like regional wine and olive oil. 

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  • Centro Commerciale Mongolfiera Santa Caterina

Located at the Via Santa Caterina, Centro Commerciale Mongolfiera Santa Caterina is one of the best shopping malls in the city. You will find many popular brands under one roof here. Explorers can shop for leisure, home, electronics, accessories, footwear, personal care, clothing, etc. Some of the retail outlets that are available in the mall are Tezenis, Original Marines, MaraDesideri, Foot Locker, Buccia Di Mela, Clayton, Hermitage, GameStop, and many other brands. The mall is also known for its packing. You can easily take your stuff back to your home. 

  • Fashion Centre Of Puglia

This place is located near the railway station and is one of the idyllic places to shop for yourself. It has all the stores where you can shop till you drop. There are plenty of retail shops in the shopping area of the mall. Some popular brands that are available in the mall are Trussardi, Prada, Red Valentino, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Gucci, and many other international travel brands. Are you ready to indulge in the best shopping experience in Bari? Go ahead, and head to the Fashion Centre of Puglia now. 

  • Via Napoli Market

If you are looking for a budgeted place to shop in Bari, then visit a flea market at Via Napoli. Shoppers can buy a wide variety of used clothes, textiles, handicrafts, craft items, clothes, etc. Though you may find the crowd at this market, it will amaze you by oozing out the culture of Bari from every corner. With a wide variety of street food, temporary stalls & shops, entertainers, local artists, etc., this place will take your heart away. Go to Bari now to shop to your heart content and pamper the shopaholic in you. Pick Spirit Airlines as your travel buddy, and fly without wrecking your pocket. The airline features phenomenal discounts for your ease. Apart from JetBlue En Espanol Service, Contact the Avianca Telefono desk to purchase flight tickets in the snap of a finger.

Reasons to select air travel

  • Fastest means of transportation

Do you need to be somewhere quickly? Air travel is undoubtedly the fastest means of transportation known to humankind. It is the best choice if anyone wants to get to his final destination much quicker. If the road journey takes seven hours to reach your destination, then you can complete it in an hour or two by using flight. You will land totally refreshed, unlike road transportation. 

  • No traffic jams

I guess this reason is enough to make you choose air travel. People from all over the world face traffic issues. They get stuck in a jam for hours and reach their destination exhausted. You don’t have to stand for hours in a jam. Traveling by flight is more convenient and hassle-free. 

  • Incredible amenities

One of the best things about air travel is the amenities you get on the flight. You will get food, entertainment, comfortable seats, etc. You can’t get bored on the flight if you have made a suitable choice. Airlines with great entertainment systems are an ideal choice for long journeys. 

  • No reckless flying

Unlike drivers on the road, there is nothing called reckless driving. An entire crew is stationed in control rooms. They keep their eyes on the journey, and the availability of technology helps to stay safe in the air. The aviation industry works in precision and makes sure of your safety in any condition. Flights are the most reliable means of transportation. 

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